Although food is where we should be sourcing our nutritional health from sometimes we need a little initial help.  QHC supplements have bioactive compounds which have the greatest potential to ‘switch on’ the protective genes within our cells and those that can ‘switch off’ the inflammation and disease-promoting genes.  Knowing how these cellular ‘switches’ work enables us to reactivate these protective genes which tend to become ‘lazy’ as we age.

When we can up-regulate genes such as those which carry the code for our cell’s own antioxidant enzymes, we can increase our antioxidant reserves literally millions of times more effectively than we can by consuming typical antioxidant vitamin supplements which in the case of VitC for example can only neutralise free radicals on a one for one basis.  Our supplements that are part of the programs we offer our clients have the power to switch on your own body’s free radical fighting ability to neutralise oxidative stress and the damage it causes.

The word nutrigenomics means ‘food talking to your genes’. Every mouthful of food we consume initiates a complex ‘conversation’ with the DNA in our cells - conversations which determine whether the protective or disease-promoting cellular switches are activated.  So… although we believe that food is our best source for nutritional health we also view supplements as an initial means to boost deficiency and increase your 'health span' quickly.  We can target and personalise your program to get the best out of your health dollar.  Why take unnecessary and irrelevant supplementation when you can be very specific to your individual health needs.