We take average and make it optimal

We see your wellbeing as an evolution where you can positively redefine your concepts of health, fitness and aging. We will revolutionize the means by which you are able to optimize your health.

In pursuit of an Active Lifestyle

Being the best that we can be for the longest time period.  This is where lifestyle and habits are in full swing and an individual expects a lot from themselves physically.  Often these two perspectives compete…..


Personal, Olympic and Professional Competitive Athletes

Getting to the top of your game requires precision and vision.  Let us help you get there.  At QHS we can optimize your health and performance by addressing your nutrition choices, mental/emotional health, physical structure and function.  No more hit or miss !  Discover your true potential….


Rehabilitation AND RE-EDUCATION

Re-occurring injury and chronic pain are often due to an overall imbalance. We look at the whole picture, tracking back in time to address old injuries and surgeries that were not rehabilitated properly.  Through dynamic soft tissue restructuring we have created a structural rebalancing program that will re-educate, energise and maximise your fitness potential and change how you feel and move your body.  Feel years younger and get back your best self….